Is It Easy to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Michigan?

The State of Michigan approved the use and cultivation of medical marijuana on November 4, 2008. Since then, Michigan has added stipulations for keeping this new and growing industry under control such as requiring patients wanting to get a medical marijuana card to go through their primary care physician first before seeking outside assistance from a qualified doctor if their own denies their request. It also means maintaining this new doctor as your primary care physician and maintaining the physician-patient relationship.

The physician-patient relationship needs to continue beyond getting approved for the use of medical marijuana. This also means they have to keep this relationship long term. It also requires that the physician or osteopathic physician must be licensed in the State of Michigan. It is not hard to find a Michigan marijuana doctors. It is hard to find one you want to be your physician as well as sign your paperwork to provide medical marijuana.

A physician’s approval is the only way to obtain and Michigan medical marijuana card and this is only issued if the patient suffers from a debilitating medical condition that can be treated using marijuana. The paperwork also has the original signature of the doctor in question. A new prescription cannot be called in by the doctor or something signed and sent through the mail. The signing paperwork must also include an in-person medical evaluation showing that the patient truly does need marijuana.

What makes this more difficult is the fact that Michigan regulates who is allowed to prescribe medical marijuana as a treatment. They do not release the list of authorized physicians who will recommend medical marijuana. Even if a physician does have the capability of authorizing medical marijuana for a patient, they are often reluctant to prescribe it as a treatment because if they do it too often they could lose their license. There is also a lack of sufficient studies indicating the correct dosages for certain ailments at the varying stages of patient illnesses.

The reason for the heavy regulations is also because marijuana is still considered a dangerous drug by the federal government and Michigan follows the federal rules regarding it. There are also many legal drugs that will work just as medical marijuana for the conditions it is allowed to treat. Many insurance companies will also place pressure on medical professionals not to prescribe it because it will affect their own rates and what they charge.

While the Government of the State of Michigan strictly regulates who gets to prescribe medical marijuana and makes sure that list is not published, social media and Google searches for prescribing doctors are available.

Sites for finding qualified doctors in your area are:

#1. Michigan Marijuana Doctors

This is a website where you can search by zip code, cities and specialties for prescribing medical marijuana doctors. This website also includes many marijuana-related resources as well as how to new patient should approach doctors to request medical marijuana cards or rather the “certificate of recommendation”.

#2. Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center has several locations around the state and they are dedicated to helping those people that need medical marijuana to get the help they need. They abide by the laws and regulations of the State of Michigan in regards to who can and cannot get a medical marijuana certificate and for what conditions, but they also make the process of getting approved more easily as you do not need to wonder if they are able to prescribe it.

#3. Veriheal

Veriheal is a nationwide organization that was established to help patients get medical marijuana they require. They have several locations around the state of Michigan and a person can book an appointment online ( or request more information about getting seen in person.

#4. Weed Maps is a website where you can load doctors able to sign you Michigan paperwork to get your medical marijuana. They are open across the state and can be accessed in most cities if you need to find them. This map is comprehensive and if there isn’t a licensed doctor nearby, then there are several within a short drive of your location. It can be sorted by city and type of dispensary needed. It can also show whether pickups are available after you get approved.

When it comes to finding a licensed doctor that can prescribe marijuana for medical purposes they are hard to find. They are also available in any number of locations that can be found through using Google as a search engine. This method also requires you do take these new physicians on as your own outside of getting approved for marijuana use. This is a tightly regulated industry in Michigan so it will take time to find the right doctor for you.

Author: Dale R. Larson

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